US Olympic Committee Athlete Career Program
Smart move

Jointly developed with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Athlete Career Programme helps elite athletes prepare for a career after competitive sport. It provides them with practical professional development and placements relevant to their future career path.

When Keeth Smart, former world no. 1 sabre fencer, joined the Athlete Career Programme in 2006, he was working as a financial research analyst  at a telecoms company. He had problems balancing his job, a demanding training schedule and commuting to competitive events. Tom McFarland, Senior Vice President for Lee Hecht Harrison, who was instrumental in creating the global ACP curriculum and manages day-to-day ACP operations, worked with him to get his working life on track. Keeth reached an understanding with his employer, who helped him redefine his role within the company and balance a crowded schedule that included work, training and competition. Now, Keeth is preparing a new move, studying for an MBA, and Tom is helping with guidance and practical help on his future career plans.