Groupe Casino, France
Recruiting experience

Demographic change in the form of an ageing population and workforce has become a major challenge for economies around the world. The Adecco Group sees the mature workforce as one of the great untapped resources of the modern labour force.

When leading French food retailer Groupe Casino moved most of its HQ to Paris, it did not include HR. Adecco filled the gap, recruiting candidates for diverse positions. For Danièle Rebai, 10 years with Adecco, Groupe Casino was one of the first challenges when she joined the Paris team in 2008. She has worked regularly with the client since, building on a strong relationship. The quality of people Adecco provides is key. Like Véronique Malarmey. Groupe Casino needed an assistant for its management team, someone resourceful with experience. From past assignments, Danièle knew Véronique was an ideal candidate. She started work days after the interview and is now helping to build an internal team to administer the group’s legal dossiers.