EMC Information Systems CIS, Russia
Recruiting experts

For companies in the emerging markets, recruitment of experienced staff with specialist qualifications is one of the keys to vigorous growth.

With a growing business in IT and data storage systems, EMC Russia needed to find a recruiter on a temporary placement at short notice. The candidate had to be fluent in English, with recruiting experience and strong personnel skills. In just four days, Elena Terekhova was hired! In that time, Adecco recruiter Natalia Lebedeva, in one of her first projects, interviewed over 20 candidates whom she found partly through networking. Elena was an ideal fit: after graduating, she worked in HR management, then specialised in recruitment; she is very motivated and creative in her approach to attracting the best people to a company. Now, EMC has committed to working with Adecco Russia and is recommending other firms to do likewise.