GlycoVaxyn, Switzerland
Teamwork and dialogue

In professional staffing generally, and the scientific professions in particular, the competition for talent is intense. Our long-term strategy for these highly specialised segments focuses on building lasting relationships with associates and clients.

GlycoVaxyn is a fast-growing biotechnology company using proprietary glycoprotein technology to develop novel antibacterial vaccines against major diseases. It needed to fill various specialist posts, including a group leader for a bioconjugate vaccine project. Evgueni Voronkov, Branch Manager, Adecco Life Sciences, and his team made contact with the company and quickly recruited Martin Braun. He has devoted his entire career to bacterial research, with a number of notable discoveries to his name. Before joining GlycoVaxyn in March 2009, Martin worked via a Swiss NGO for a small company in El Salvador creating biological tools for disease and pest control in agriculture. GlycoVaxyn was so impressed by the teamwork and results of the recruitment drive, they now work with Adecco Life Sciences on a regular basis, benefiting from our highly effective networks and expertise in professional staffing.