Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2012/2013

Stakeholder engagement

4.16 Approaches to stakeholder consultation

The Group Communications and Investor Relations Departments stand as a point of contact for stakeholders. These include the press, investors and analysts, our employees, candidates and associates, work councils, unions and the ILO, companies, governments, NGOs and society at large. The main channels of information include the Annual Report, the CSR Report, regular press releases (available on, e-mails, the AGM as well as webcasts.

General stakeholder consultation is mostly handled by the business units at country level. Such consultations mainly address our candidates and associates, clients and employees, be it through self-completion questionnaires or interviews (mostly for associates and employees), or regular feedback processes (mostly concerning clients).

The Group Investor Relations & Communications Departments maintain contact with the financial community and the media through the Annual Report, the CSR Report, quarterly presentations and webcasts/calls on the company results, roadshows, interviews and participation at investor conferences. They provide transparent and consistent information and interactive communication through the website to enhance understanding of Adecco’s business as well as to explain implied risks and opportunities.

Society at large is very much affected by the dynamics and the development of the labour market, which at the same time is the Adecco Group’s field of business. The Group therefore considers society at large as a very important stakeholder group for dialogue, and aims to contribute to a positive development of the labour market through corporate research, community engagement and partnerships. These include:

  • Industry research about staffing and agency work, published by Ciett. Adecco is a founding member of the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies.
  • Global knowledge about labour market trends, published by the World Economic Forum. Adecco Group is a Strategic Partner of the World Economic Forum since 2011.
  • Regional and local surveys and research conducted or co-issued by Adecco and local partners such as the Adecco Swiss Job Market Index at the University of Zurich, the monthly Adecco Job Creation Index in UK and the ‘DIS AG Fachkräftekompass’.