Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2012/2013


SO1 Percentage of operations with implemented local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programmes
More than 90% [1] of our operations run local community engagement programmes, usually public-private partnerships on training and labour market integration for disadvantaged people. See overview of selected operations and programmes under EC8.

SO2 Business units analysed for risks related to corruption
The company’s risk management process is led by the global Risk Management Steering Committee and seeks to identify, mitigate and manage risks with the support of global risk coordinators on a regular basis. In December 2012, our Bribery & Corruption Policy was published and distributed in all our country organisations and an ACE training module on Bribery & Corruption was launched (see page 19).

SO5 Public policy positions and participation in public policy development and lobbying
We count governments among our most important stakeholders. Accordingly, we are a member of Ciett and Eurociett, the Confederations of Private Employment Agencies, and an authoritative voice representing the interests of agency work businesses.

SO6 Financial and in-kind contributions to political parties, politicians, and related institutions
We are not aware of any substantial political contributions during the reporting period. According to our Bribery & Corruption Policy and our Code of Conduct, no political contributions are permitted in order to secure political or commercial influence. Political contributions have to be documented in writing and may only be made against written receipt.

SO7 Legal actions for anti-competitive behaviour, antitrust, and monopoly practices and their outcomes
We are not aware of any substantial legal actions against Adecco for anti-competitive behaviour, antitrust, and monop-oly practices in 2012. In July 2013, the French competition authority commenced an investigation of Adecco and certain of its competitors in France with regards to alleged violations of French competition law. Adecco is fully cooperating with the authority.


[1]Reference basis: total Adecco Group revenues.