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brotZeit Berlin, Germany
Career to career: active retirees improving
life for underprivileged children

Adecco Personaldienstleistungen and DIS, which support the brotZeit initiative, are German brands of the Adecco Group.

Thousands of children in Germany come from families living below the poverty line. They often turn up for school hungry and generally lack for care and attention. brotZeit aims to make a difference to their lives, offering children aged six to nine “bread and time”. Schools make breakfast for the children, assisted by retirees who are glad to offer their time, experience and enthusiasm. Currently working in 38 schools in Munich and Berlin, there are plans to expand to other cities. Adecco agreed to use its expertise to help with recruitment, initially for the three-year expansion period. Heinrich Florian, retired branch manager at DIS AG, Nuremberg, jumped at the chance to be a coordinator and liaison. The initiative fits well with the motto: encouraging youth, connecting generations. One of the recruits, Sofia Walicka, former flight attendant and airline clerk, serves breakfast to some 20 children at a primary school in Berlin. The retirees recruited by Adecco are making a difference by giving these children a better start to the day and a better start in life.