Our business and CSR



By delivering excellence throughout our business, we will achieve sustained commercial success. This will intensify our positive role as leader of a high-growth industry. We bring efficiency and effectiveness to the world of employment, a foundation of successful societies. Our Excellence Awards will continue to reinforce the strong relationship between commercial success and optimising our positive social contribution. Communicating this role at international and national level will be a priority: We will focus upon providing legitimate reasons for the lifting of restrictions upon our operations in some market sectors and countries. We will extend our involvement in the World Economic Forum as well as industry associations such as Ciett and Eurociett. Increasingly, measuring client and associate satisfaction through our Global Satisfaction Survey will be the basis of our actions aimed at continuous improvement. Our goal is to achieve retention rates of our own employees worldwide of 75% in the near term. This reflects our commitment to be an employer of choice in our industry and beyond. Year-on-year, the number of Adecco businesses participating in the Great Place To Work® survey will increase and benchmark our progress. Our high standards for ethical and legal behaviour and safety at work will be rigorously reinforced by using established tools. We will spread the use of the ‘myclimate’ platform to improve our environmental performance by reducing our Carbon Footprint. Our commitment to meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations, be they related to the economic, social or environmental dimension, dictates our approach to Excellence.


Demographic trends, skill mismatches and the speed of business change, aside from unpredictable economic conditions: all increase the risk of labour market exclusion. Our greatest contribution will continue to be made through our core services. Temporary work for example can kick-start confidence and careers. These will be reinforced by projects targeted at specific groups, run at local, national and international level through public and private partnerships. Our international integration activities will play a key role raising awareness of the risks of exclusion, the value of a diverse workforce and the importance of equal opportunity. We will share our expertise and create additional work opportunities for disabled people. This will be through our participation in the ILO Global Business and Disability Network and our own Disability and Employment Programme. Our Global Diversity Council established in 2010 will develop best practices for diverse recruitment policies for ourselves and our clients. As the London Olympic Games of 2012 approach, the IOC and the IPC Athlete Career Programme bring the importance of work integration into sharp focus.


The acquisition and lifelong learning of skills will define most people’s access to job opportunities and sustained employability. In an increasingly perform- ance-related world with growing talent shortages, the importance of skills as a passport to employment will be undeniable. Our career guidance role that helps people acquire skills and experience will crystallise as our most important source of competitive advantage. This cements our relationships with associates and clients through their career and business life cycles respectively. Core tools, such as Adecco Xpert® will continue to be improved as our portfolio of online and offline training opportunities expands and adapts to changing job market needs. Our Adecco Academy to be launched in the fall of 2011 will offer new and existing training and development opportunities for our own employees on a worldwide basis. Win4Youth 2011 gives employees a chance to cycle, raising corporate donations for skill development projects targeted to young people in Greece, the Philippines and Brazil. As a unifying force for our Group and a powerful way for employees to express our shared values, the Win4Youth concept is set to grow.

More details and examples of our key activities in the sphere of Excellence, Integration and Skills are explored in the insights chapter of our CSR Report, which is followed by our GRI standard disclosure and index.