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Much of our day-to-day work involves integrating people into the workforce through a temporary job. This can be a great Stepping Stone into employment. It can result in consecutive assignments or in an offer of a permanent position, once experience has been gained. According to the Ciett Economic Report 2011, 37% of all temporary workers are officially registered as “unemployed” before working with an agency. This proportion falls to less than half that level (15%) after working as an agency worker.

Some people may require additional help if they are at risk of exclusion of workforce through disabilities, age, ethnicity or gender. Adecco Group and its Foundations – often in partnership with respected organisations – are involved in a range of international, national and local programmes to help these at risk groups. We also adhere to internationally recognised principles and standards, such as the UN Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs) to ensure, we fully adhere to their principals of Non-Discrimination and inclusion with respect to employment and occupation.

Working with various partner organisations, the Adecco Group Diversity Business Councils help people with disabilities find meaningful employment and build a workplace of diversity and inclusion.

We are a founding member of ‘Business & Disability’ a European network of companies involved in helping disabled people access the labour market. This network has now been embraced by the ILO. As part of the steering committee and as an employer of over 10,000 people with disabilities a year, Adecco brings considerable experience to this effective network.

One of our key global programmes helps Olympic and Paralympic athletes find employment during or after their sports career. Many sports people face difficulties earning an income whilst competing or when they try to make the transition into mainstream work, once their athletic career is over. Since 2005 and 2007 respectively, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in cooperation with the Adecco Group run the IOC and the IPC Athlete Career Programme (ACP). Currently, Adecco provides career development and job placement support for elite athletes in over 33 countries and has assisted more than 7,000 athletes so far.

The Adecco Foundations in France, Italy and Spain – partially funded by the respective Adecco country organisations – collectively donate funds as well as many hours of employee’s time and expertise to help disadvantaged groups integrate into the workforce. The three Foundations and our country organisations are deeply involved in Public-Private Partnerships that succeed in integrating disadvantaged people into work.