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Our business and CSR

We unlock potential for individuals, businesses and economies reinforced by our CSR strategy centred upon Excellence, Integration and Skills.

How CSR relates to our business

In our global organisation, spanning over 60 countries, a concerted managed approach to CSR is required. CSR is recognised as an integral part of our business by the Board of Directors and by the Executive Committee. Our programmes and activities are a designated responsibility of management throughout our business operations.

We communicate and report regularly to meet our internal and external stakeholders’ expectations. We respond to the Dow Jones Sustainability Assessment, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and the FTS4Good Index Series. We also submit our Communication on Progress (CoP) on a yearly basis to the UN Global Compact and apply the Global Reporting Initiative GRI Guidelines.

Our responsibility – as the market leader in HR services – is to unlock and match existing potential on both sides. Work is the foundation of personal and family life, corporate and organisational success, social stability and economic development. Work is a basic need and should be a basic right of all people. Choice in the domain of work supports people to develop and apply their talents and it gives a purpose to peoples’ lives by building a sense of inclusion in society.