Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2010

Our business and CSR

Excellence in essence

Excellence Awards – Core Values – Global Satisfaction Survey – Seniority Awards – Great Place to Work – Revised Code of Conduct – Safety Standards – ACE – Institutional Dialogue – Environmental Performance

Achieving excellence is central to sustaining our business success and industry leadership and at the same time maximises our positive social contribution. We encourage performance excellence through our glo- bal Adecco Group Excellence Awards. At the beginning of 2011, eight winning teams were recognised and rewarded for achieving outstanding results together by applying the four Core Values of team spirit; customer focus; responsibility and entrepreneurship. The winning teams exceeded expectations in connecting associates to work opportunities and by providing HR solutions to clients, whilst sticking to sound business principles.

Engaging with our clients and associates by listening to and addressing their needs, is a business imperative and our social responsibility. Our Global Satisfaction Survey (GSS), which is carried out twice a year, is a valuable tool to monitor client satisfaction within countries and regions. The Adecco Group uses the results to train and support employees to constantly improve screening and placement processes as well as other dimensions of our services. To attract and retain clients, candidates and associates, we must offer conditions and assignments that are attractive and competitive and in tune with the changing needs of our customers.

Our focus upon attracting, training and retaining the best people – as associates or as our own employees – is key in light of the growing scarcity of talent. We measure average length of service for associates and retention is one of our key priorities for our employees. Therefore in 2009, we introduced our Seniority Awards for employees who have served our company for 20+ years. For the first celebration in 2009, over 860 people worldwide were recognised. In 2010, the Seniority Awards were granted to over 300 people. We have set a consolidated group target for retention of 75% amongst our own employees. In step with the importance of this issue, in 2010 we also extended our involvement in the Great Place To Work® (GPTW) survey from 10 to 24 countries, covering over 90% of our geographical reach in terms of revenues.

Our core business touches on key social responsibility subjects, such as labour practices including health and safety at work; human rights, non-discrimination; fair operating practices, as well as anti-corruption and fair competition. In 2010, a revised and more comprehensive Code of Conduct (CoC) was introduced with a new mandatory online training module for all our employees. Amongst other issues, the CoC is an excellent reinforcement of our commitment to adhere to country and industry Safety Standards to also ensure the physical and psychological well-being of our employees and associates. The Adecco Compliance & Ethics (ACE) is our 5-module online training and testing programme for employees. It prepares them to handle ethical and legal issues which they may encounter in their day-to-day work. The ACE tools encourage employees and associates to reporting actual or potential violations of the law, Adecco Group policies and procedures or the Code of Business Conduct.

Our Institutional Dialogue with governments, unions and other interested stakeholders is ongoing. We develop and support initiatives that enable our industry to grow responsibly through removing restrictions upon our sphere of operations, without compromising workers’ rights. Special emphasis is being given at global level to the measures supporting the ratification of ILO Convention 181 on Private Employment Agencies as well as the bi-annual ILO Global Dialogue Forum. In 2011, this will focus on the “Role of Private Employment Agencies in Promoting Decent Work and Improving the Functioning of Labour Markets in Private Services Sectors”. We actively foster social dialogue through numerous cooperations at national and global level, under the umbrella of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2008 between Ciett and UNI Global on temporary agency work. Aligned to support our business priorities, our regulatory efforts enhance the employability of candidates and facilitate their labour market transition. In late 2009, Adecco initiated its Industry Partnership in the Professional Services category with the World Economic Forum (WEF). We have since been involved in a series of WEF projects and participated in several regional WEF meetings throughout 2010, shaping discussions around employment issues.

In 2010, together with employees in our major countries, we extended the measurement of our Environmental Performance using the ‘myclimate’ platform to calculate our emissions. This will help us assess and reduce emissions and to retain our position as a credible supplier for our clients. Additional guidelines have been issued for our own suppliers to make sure they adhere to social and environmental standards according to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.