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Dear stakeholder

Patrick De Maeseneire
Chief Executive Officer

In 2010, thanks to the commitment of our 32,000 employees, over 700,000 associates worked through Adecco every day, amounting to more than 3 million people in the workforce each year. Their income supported many families’ lives. Their skills and efforts contributed to the productivity and sustainable success of around 100,000 Adecco clients. Employment reduces the welfare burden and enables people to contribute to society at large. At the same time, it gives individuals independence, a purpose and may even fulfil a dream. At Adecco, we unlock potential in the domain of work for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Unlocking potential

For our candidates and associates, our goal is to help unlock their potential at every stage of their career life cycle, from leaving school to retirement. We equip people of all abilities, ages, and ethnic backgrounds to integrate into the workforce and sustain their employability in a fast-changing global economy. We assess associates’ changing capabilities, motivations and training needs, connect them to a choice of opportunities and help them gain skills and the confidence required to grow in their career roles.

Clients face challenges throughout their business life cycle. Securing and managing talent is a major issue, especially in mature markets where aging populations and skills mismatches between education systems and labour market needs drive scarcity. Using our broad industry expertise and geographical reach, we provide the right talent, at the right time and in the right place. By connecting clients with talent – hired on a temporary or permanent basis – they gain the resources and flexibility they need in an increasingly made-to-order economy. Change has become a dominant corporate characteristic and we provide solutions to help clients navigate mergers, restructuring and geographical expansion.

Our own employees are the foundation of Adecco Group’s ability to support the life cycles of associates and clients. We offer training and development opportunities, manage and measure retention and benchmark employee satisfaction through the Great Place to Work® survey.

Our commitment to unlocking potential can only be realised through a responsible approach to every aspect of our business at local and global level. We constantly improve our programmes to ensure employees and associates work in safe working environments, have equal opportunities and fair terms and conditions. On a global level, we were the first in our industry to sign the UN Global Compact in 2003, we have leading roles in industry associations such as Ciett and Eurociett and are a partner of the World Economic Forum. Our engagement with governments, unions as well as the ILO and networks such as ENAR underlines our commitment to stakeholders. Equally, we must adhere to high standards of corporate governance and environmental management.

Adecco Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in our business strategy, our day-to-day work and our shared values and leadership principles. Together, we strive to achieve excellence, enable integration and build skills in the world of work. To strengthen our commitment in 2010, we launched our Global Excellence Awards, further expanded the IOC and the IPC Athlete Career Programmes and introduced the Win4Youth charitable project.

As the world’s leading HR services company, we are conscious of our role and responsibility.


Patrick De Maeseneire
Chief Executive Officer