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Helping young people succeed

This global initiative gave all employees the opportunity to run and raise funds that help give children and young people in challenging situations a future. A Group donation of USD 230,000 was distributed to six charitable foundations located in India, Chile, Haiti, Spain, France and the USA. All of the foundations focus upon helping young people acquire the skills they need to integrate into the labour market. Each Foundation received a USD 38,333 donation – one sixth of the total amount raised.

29,255 employees in 58 countries responded to the Win4Youth challenge magnificently. Teams joined forces and organised runs or ran as a group in community races, motivated to add to the kilometres and funds raised. For every kilometre completed, the Adecco Group donated funds to the following foundations:

Humanity Foundation (India)

Transforming the lives of underprivileged youth in urban India through access to first-class education.

Education for Haiti (Haiti)

Primary schooling for the poorest children.

Entreprendre Pour Apprendre (France)

Project ‘Young enterprise’, introducing young people to the world of entrepreneurship.

Fundació Èxit (Spain)

Achieving social integration and job insertion of young people at risk of social exclusion.

The National Urban League (USA)

Project ‘Ready’, providing enhanced academic and social support to high-school students.

Fundación de Solidaridad Romanos XII (Chile)

Training centre enhancing employability in the field of computer technology and telecommunications.

A major highlight of Win4Youth took place on November 7th, when 64 employees, representing all continents, participated in the New York City Marathon 2010.

And in October, an entire Adecco region organised a Win4Youth Solidarity day during which around 2,700 employees ran a total of over 13,000 kilometres. The countries which took part included France, Switzerland, India, Dubai, Morocco and Tunisia, among many others.

Win4Youth was the first experience of this kind for Adecco – it provided an opportunity to bring vital aspects of our four core values to life: showing Team Spirit, the willingness to take Responsibility by promoting fairness, diversity and equality and by having the passion to take the initiative and make a positive difference in the lives of young people in need.