Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2010

Insights – Excellence

Sustaining our workforce – retention rates

Strategic priority

Retention is one of six strategic priorities for the Group. Our employees and associates are the most important reason for our success, which makes retention one of the Adecco Group’s six strategic priorities. Our approach to training and career development, equal opportunities and diversity and our open company culture help Adecco Group to attract, motivate and retain talented employees and associates. The merits of these efforts and investments appear in constantly increasing employee retention rates, reaching 75% in 2010 (up from 70% in 2009).


By nature of our business, the duration of a temporary assignment ranges from days to many months and even years, resulting in a high average turnover rate. As the Group seeks to expand career development opportunities, we are increasingly measuring the length and nature of the relationship between our clients and associates working for the Adecco Group. The average length of service for associates was 99 days in 2008. Figures for 2010/2011 are currently assessed. The average number of consecutive assignments was three to four in 2008.


The average employee turnover was about 25% in 2010 (2008: 26%). The Adecco Group’s retention rate of 75% is among the best in the industry, particularly in the major markets. Almost 71% (2008: 64%) of the Group’s employees remain in the company for more than two, and approximately 41% (2008: 37%) for more than five years. This figure varies from country to country, but in France – our largest market – 56% (2008: 50%) are staying with us for over five years, while in Italy this figure is at 62% (2008: 60%).