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Mandatory Code of Conduct & Corporate Governance

Our Code of Conduct

The Company’s Code of Conduct (CoC) was revised in 2010 and will be reinforced by an updated mandatory online training module planned for 2011. It reflects the increasingly multicultural business environment and the evolution of legal, financial and regulatory requirements. The CoC which sets out the principles to be followed by all our employees worldwide, was issued by the CEO and approved by the Board of Directors. The Adecco Group Code of Conduct is available under and includes the following guidelines and policies:

  • Workplace conduct: mutual respect, training and career development, health, safety and the environment, use of company resources, conflicts of interest, insider information and securities trading.
  • Financial controls and reporting: internal controls, accurate reporting.
  • Commercial practices: anti-trust and fair competition, contracting, confidential information and privacy rights, gifts and entertainment, intellectual property, anti-corruption, records management.
  • Political activities and government relations: political activities and contributions, government relations.
  • Reporting issues and concerns: What to do in the case of belief of the existence of a known, suspected or potential violation of the law, this Code of Conduct or any Company policy.

Our focus is on prevention. By the end of 2010, 76% of our employees had completed the Adecco Compliance & Ethics (ACE) online training and testing programme covering the Adecco Group Code of Business Conduct. In addition to the Code of Business Conduct module, the following topics are covered by the ACE online training tool: Business Ethics, IT security, Conflicts of interest and Email usage. Through the ACE hotline, employees, associates, clients as well as any other stakeholders can report actual or potential violations of the law, company policies, procedures, ethical standards or of the Code of Conduct by the Adecco Group Compliance office. Reports can also be made in writing to the address provided in the Compliance & Ethics Reporting page on our website

Through Corporate Governance practices we, apply the highest Corporate Governance standards as reported in our Corporate Governance Report and adhere to the highest ethical standards and best practice as a signatory of the UN Global Compact.