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Insights – Excellence

Institutional dialogue

Adecco’s global institutional activities focus on driving the industry’s role through the Ciett membership and the interaction with key global stakeholders such as the ILO and the EU. In 2011, Ciett will publish an Industry Report together with Boston Consulting Group which exemplifies how HR services providers enable the adaptation to the structural challenges taking place in national labour markets.

The ratification of the ILO Convention 181 on Private Employment Agencies has dropped off the political agendas of national governments in recent years. Therefore, Adecco has pledged to support the ILO in its task to further enhance the acceptance of the role of HR services providers around the globe. Special emphasis is being given at Group level to the bi-annual ILO Global Dialogue Forum. In 2011, it will focus on the role of Private Employment Agencies (PEAs) in promoting decent work conditions and improving labour markets in private services sectors.

We are involved in national and regional sectoral social dialogue facilitated by the EU Commission and on global level through the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Temporary Agency Work signed by UNI Global and Ciett respectively.

Additionally, a special focus is being placed on projects enhancing the employability of candidates. This is most notably through the ‘European Alliance on Skills for Employability’, EU-funded training programmes and the facilitation of worker’s mobility through the contribution to the EU Commission’s European Employment Services (EURES) programme.

In Europe, our focus alongside the industry has since 2008 been on the implementation of the EU Agency Work Directive. In the months leading up to the implementation deadline of December 5, 2011, we will remain fully committed to the dialogue with national and European stakeholders aimed at transposing the key elements of the EU directive. These include lifting restrictions on temporary agency work and the support of the provision of equal treatment where applicable. Adecco, through its Eurociett corporate membership and the mandates held in the various EU national temporary staffing associations, is advocating for a common research project with UNI Europa on ‘Temporary Agency Work & transitions in the labour market’.