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Insights – Excellence

Performance excellence, strong values and adherence to the
highest international standards is key to our ability to optimise work
opportunities for all stakeholders.

Excellence Awards

Successful business operations imply we can help more individuals in their working careers and provide the flexibility and efficiency companies need for sustainable success and to create employment opportunities. Based on this and to heighten every employee’s commitment to our success, in 2010, we ran our first Excellence Awards. The Adecco Group Excellence Awards recognise people, teams and countries that achieve outstanding performances whilst applying our core values of Team Spirit, Customer Focus, Responsibility and Entrepreneurship as well as our leadership principles: Cool Head, Warm Heart and Working Hands.

At our Management Conference in January 2011, eight teams were awarded for their outstanding contribution to the Adecco Group:

Overall winner

Germany and Austria
Best performing region and overall winner 2010.
Regional head Andreas Dinges and team.

Strongest intern/extern improvement 2010.
Contributors: Country head Andreas Dinges and team.

Australia and New Zealand
Best temp margin protection 2007–2010.
Contributors: Regional head Australia & New Zealand Jeff Doyle and team.

Highest conversion ratio 2010.
Contributors: Country head Michael Agoras and team.

Outstanding performance 2010.
Contributors: Country head Per-Arne Gulbrandsen and team.

Best International Account Team 2010
Intl. Account Manager Neal Ramdenee and team.

Best absolute increase in economic profit 2010.
Contributors: Regional head François Davy and team.

Best Emerging Market 2010.
Contributors: Country head Sudhakar Balakrishnan and team.