Annual Report 2011

The HR industry
Outlook for the staffing market

Austerity measures applied by most developed countries will hinder GDP growth in 2012 and Europe is expected to suffer most. In such an environment companies will be hesitant to hire permanent labour and rather hire staff on a temporary basis to remain flexible. The need for flexibility, socio-demographic changes and appropriate regulation offer attractive structural growth potential for our industry in the coming years in the developed countries. Economic growth in the Emerging Markets is expected to continue, albeit at slightly lower rates, driven by increased domestic demand and continued foreign investments. The move of production to the developing countries and the need for flexibility will further increase the penetration rates of temporary staffing in the Emerging Markets. In 2012, flexible HR solutions will continue to prove their value and many industries and regions offer untapped growth potential. Structural growth drivers for the industry remain fully intact and temporary staffing penetration rates are set to surpass prior peaks in the future.