Annual Report 2011

The HR industry
Our role

Adecco is the world’s leading provider of HR solutions. We are conscious of our role towards all stakeholders in the markets where we operate. We maintain a constant dialogue with clients and workers as well as with societal, governmental and business stakeholders to create more and better work opportunities for individuals worldwide. Economies, enterprises and individuals all have to cope with seasonal, cyclical and structural market changes and as a labour market intermediary, we help them to adapt to these challenges.

Economies  As an HR services company we turn available work into jobs and thereby support economic growth. Labour market transparency is increased through our deep understanding of companies’ needs and people’s work or education aspirations to provide the needed match of supply and demand. We increase labour market participation by enhancing employability of workers, creating new work solutions and fostering geographic and occupational mobility. As a result, our industry provides economies with the needed flexibility for increased competitiveness and sustained economic growth.

Individuals  For individuals, we offer legally recognised and regulated work opportunities, facilitate on-the-job training and enhance occupational and geographic mobility. HR services companies create stepping-stone opportunities also for under-represented groups to gain work experience and to secure complementary incomes (e.g. students, families, retirees). By offering flexible work solutions we increase work options and enable workers to improve their work-life balance. Individuals benefit from a greater choice of work and from improved employability.

Enterprises  The Adecco Group offers enterprises all its HR services both locally and globally. We provide companies with flexible HR solutions to help them weather peaks and troughs in demand, thereby maintaining and increasing their competitiveness. Our expertise in workforce management and the rapidity of execution makes us a valuable partner for enterprises to manage their complex workforce planning as well as risks. We also provide access to talents or improve skills of workers. Through improved flexibility, companies are in a position to protect core activities and cope with unpredictable changes in the market environment.

‘Adapting to Change’
As established by Eurociett’s ‘Adapting to Change’ study, HR services companies are an engine of job creation and deliver jobs ahead of the classic job creation curve. In fact, temporary jobs are created even at very low levels of GDP growth, when no permanent jobs are generated. The study highlights that temporary work does not substitute permanent work, as 74% of enterprises would not consider hiring permanently as an alternative to taking on temporary workers. 62% of responding businesses would not have created jobs if they had no access to HR services companies, such as the Adecco Group.

HR services companies are a stepping stone for the unemployed and young people to (re-)enter the job market. According to the study, 35% of temporary workers in Europe are below the age of 25 and use temporary work as their first opportunity to gain work experience. The Ciett Economic Report 2011 revealed that on average 37% of all temporary workers are officially registered as unemployed before finding a temporary job. Twelve months after having finished work on a temporary basis, only 15% of temporary workers are registered as unemployed again. Temporary work is recognised as an effective channel to find work with the possibility of eventually gaining a permanent position.

‘Adapting to Change’ underlines that services offered by our industry contribute to reducing undeclared work. There is an inverse correlation between the level of illegal economic activity and the level of temporary work penetration: countries with a high penetration rate of temporary workers have lower levels of undeclared economic activity.