Annual Report 2011

Our people
Talent Management

Our people are our most important resource. We ensure that they are selected through a consistent and fair process and appropriately trained and developed in line with their own wishes and skills. This will create a workforce best suited to develop Adecco and sustain our growth in the future.

To remain the leader in our industry, it is one of our main priorities to help our employees progress in their careers according to their individual aspirations and potential. Their development contributes to the success of our business every day.

Talent Management is a critical component of the HR strategy within the Adecco Group and is a collaborative effort between the Group initiatives that are run at a company-wide level and the in-country programmes that are created and administered locally. Our ultimate goal is to attract and retain the best talent and to ensure that our leaders are able to continue to deliver on the overall Adecco Group strategy.

The four components of the Adecco Group Talent Management framework are: identification of high potentials, development, performance management and finally succession planning.

The Group Talent Management strategy goes beyond the identification of talent and works to develop the depth and strength of our talents. As such, we have expanded the existing leadership programme with IMD business school in Switzerland (run since 2004) by designing and delivering a programme with INSEAD business school in France for our senior leaders. The addition of the MBA Highlights programme, as of the end of 2011, gives us a comprehensive Group leadership development offering.