Annual Report 2011

Our people
Group development programmes

The Adecco Academy
Training and development has high priority at Adecco and we are committed to ensuring that our employees have a continuous learning experience regardless of their level or position. The Adecco Academy runs the Group’s global development programmes spanning multiple levels. The programmes are organised under three pillars: leadership, service and sales, operations.

We have placed an increased emphasis on ensuring that we know the development needs of our high potentials. We target our development programmes to these individuals and on the areas they need to focus on in order to progress to becoming our leaders of tomorrow. More than 600 of Adecco’s senior managers have completed a leadership programme at INSEAD or IMD.

The Senior Leadership Program has been designed and developed in cooperation with the INSEAD Business School in France and takes senior leaders through a series of experiential activities, individual and group reflection as well as group work. Participants practice and hone their leadership skills in a team context.

The I3 Leadership Development Program has been developed in conjunction with IMD business school in Switzerland to deliver cutting-edge theory and experiences to best equip Adecco leaders to live the values of the Group and grow throughout their careers.

The MBA Highlights Program, developed and run in cooperation with INSEAD, broadens knowledge of a range of topics such as Strategy, Corporate Finance and Innovation with an overall theme of value creation.

Service and sales
Value Focused Selling (VFS)
is a workshop which goes beyond basic sales techniques and delivers a tried and tested approach focused on consultative selling methodologies. The course teaches effective ways to engage clients in order to understand what is important to them and how to customise solutions to those wants and needs.

High Intensity Training (HIT) is a programme that teaches the basics of sales, recruiting, order maintenance and operational efficiencies. The programme discusses global best practices and works through techniques to adapt them locally. Learning techniques include large group discussion, role play and culturally adapted small group discussions.

Service Excellence Course (SEC) is designed for employees who have access to and impact on our customers. The participants work through a series of discussions, activities and experiences to learn how to adapt a common customer service framework to the key interactions they have with their customers. 100 branch managers attended the first SEC in October 2011 and by the end of 2012 another 1,100 will have done so.


Short-Term Exchange Programme (STEP)
  In addition to vocational training, Adecco has developed a Short-Term Exchange Programme, which gives our top performers at branch level the opportunity to gain work experience in another country. This is done through an exchange with another colleague doing the same job. This programme, which started in 2011, is very successful, and to date employees from nine countries have benefited from this experience with many more exchanges in the pipeline.