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Adecco Jesup, Georgia, USA
Programme for recruitment of hospitalist

Soliant Health is a leading healthcare HR solutions company in the USA. Its recruiters connect specialised disciplines nationwide – whether in large city or rural hospitals.

Wayne Memorial Hospital in Jesup, Georgia, started a trial hospitalist programme, managed by Soliant, in 2008. Hospitalists, a fairly new category of health professional, are physicians who care for patients while they are in hospital, working in partnership with their family doctor. Project manager George Pulliam designed the programme with Joe Lerardi, CEO of Wayne Memorial, who reckons it has improved revenue and patient care. The success of the initiative was tied to educating the community and staff about the hospitalist’s role. The ongoing partnership with Soliant has helped them train and educate all their staff and recruit full-time hospitalists with the right skills and background. Before joining in 2008, Dr. Frank Cook had a private practice for nearly 30 years. First recruited by Soliant as a part-time hospitalist, he is a strong advocate of this innovative medical role and now works closely with Soliant in recruiting further talents for Wayne Memorial.