Annual Report 2010

Adecco Friedrichshafen, Germany
Recruitment of highly specialised skills
for engineering development

euro engineering matches highly qualified engineers with the fast-changing needs of its clients.

The aims of the project were the design and development of the amphibious Dornier S-Ray 007 lightweight aircraft. Iren Dornier, grandson of Claude Dornier, the legendary aviation engineer, is the owner of Dornier Aviation GmbH and project leader. His idea was to design a new aircraft in memory of his famous grandfather. The new S-Ray 007, a two-seater amphibious aircraft, will shortly journey around the world. It is built from lightweight plastics, reinforced with carbon fibre, which makes the flying boat highly resistant to salt water. Carsten Kremser, himself an aerospace engineer, was closely involved throughout the project. He recruited Jutta Sobek, who was ideally qualified for the project, with a degree in aerospace engineering and professional experience in lightweight aircraft construction. Jutta helped design the sponson and fuel tank for the S-Ray 007. She has been working for euro engineering since 2007 on aerospace projects and was assigned to Dornier with her specialist skills for the final stages of the craft’s engineering at the end of 2010.