Annual Report 2010

Adecco Florence, Italy
Innovative outplant with Adecco experts
on assignment at the client

Adecco has worked with GE Oil&Gas in Florence since 1998. Outplant was developed with the client in 2007. Outplant and Adecco experts on assignment are a new format for supplying technical skills: a pilot with potential for other areas of GE.

Outplant provides a single point of contact to coordinate multiple services and assess overall performance. Ylenia Montanini has access to the Adecco branches and business lines for all recruitment needs. She oversees 170 full-time engineers, 12 employees on assignment, permanent placements for high-profile employees as well as funded training schemes. Along with 11 other trainers, Miriam Bellini, a specialist in IT engineering and industrial automation, conducts courses for service engineers in Italy and India. This model generates significant service management benefits for Adecco and the client, optimising processes and increasing efficiency. Adecco has created a real partnership with GE Oil&Gas, as consultants and lead supplier for HR services.