Annual Report 2010

Our corporate responsibility

For millions of people we make a difference by creating an income and a future and for some, fulfilling a dream.

Adecco’s core business role makes a positive contribution to the economies and societies in which we operate. Every day we help hundreds of thousands of individuals find work and build their careers – matters that are central to personal, family and social well-being. We offer flexibility to our clients, flexibility they need more than ever to stay competitive in this volatile economy.

In any Group as large and diverse as Adecco – with more than 32,000 employees in over 60 countries – the challenge is to optimise our positive contribution and to minimise any risk of compromise.

In 2010, we again rose to that challenge. We strengthened our Code of Conduct and demonstrated our commitment to the fundamentals of our corporate responsibility strategy through key global initiatives that help people achieve success in the working world, clients to stay competitive and governments to create new jobs.

A new Code to guide employees

To ensure our positive role is not compromised, it is important that employees understand the need to operate at the highest ethical standards at all times. Practising equal opportunity in the recruiting process is just one example of the importance of an ethical approach. In September 2010, we communicated our new condensed Code of Conduct, which was published in nine languages and is now harmonised with the new Adecco values and leadership principles.

Systematic focus on fundamentals

Adecco’s corporate social responsibility strategy focuses on three fundamentals: Excellence, Integration and Skills. Key measurement criteria are applied across these three pillars and will be fully reported in the Group CSR report to be published in July 2011.


Success means we can help more individuals in their working careers and provide the flexibility and efficiency companies need for sustainable success and to create employment opportunities. Based on this idea and to heighten every employee’s commitment to our success, in 2010 we ran our first Excellence Awards. The Adecco Group Excellence Awards recognise people, teams and countries that achieved outstanding performances whilst applying our core values of team spirit, customer focus, responsibility and entrepreneurship. At our Management Conference in January 2011, eight teams were recognised for their outstanding contribution: Australia and New Zealand, Germany and Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and France. An excellent example of how our growth has mutual benefits for the economy and society as a whole is reflected in the Excellence Award for the best Emerging Market. This award was won by India, which in 2010 became the first HR company in the country to reach the peak of having placed more than 100,000 associates in work daily.


Above and beyond our core day-to-day activities, we use our expertise in career development and job placement to provide support for the integration of groups at risk of exclusion.

At a global level, we support the integration and entry of high-performance elite athletes into the workforce. This is done through the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in cooperation with the Adecco Group. The Programmes have been in place since 2005 and 2007 respectively and have assisted more than 7,000 athletes so far, including 2,000 athletes in 2010. Currently, Adecco cooperates in over 30 countries with National Olympic and Paralympic Committees to deliver the Programmes.

The IOC ACP and the IPC ACP are designed to help high-performance athletes whilst still in competitive sport, as well as retired Olympians and Paralympians address their education, life skills and employment needs in order to enhance their prospects of success beyond competition. The focus of Adecco’s role is to provide career development and job placement to help ease the transition of the athletes into the workforce. Adecco also involves employers to help them identify and understand the qualities athletes can bring to their business.

One highlight of 2010 was the creation of the Team USA Career Program by the United States Olympic Committee, in conjunction with pilot partners, Adecco and Hilton Worldwide. The Team USA Career Program was developed to provide a part-time, flexible employment programme for elite athletes, while allowing them to pursue their Olympic dreams, as well as help lay foundations for a career beyond sport.

We have also helped young aspiring athletes address their career goals beyond sport. During the first ever Youth Olympic Games, which were held in Singapore in August 2010, over 200 young athletes from 69 countries attended IOC ACP workshops, which were held in seven different languages.

In 2010, Adecco UK launched the IPC ACP in conjunction with the ParalympicsGB. The programme is open to around 3,000 competing and retired Paralympians. Aligned with London’s 2012 ambition to use the power of the Paralympics to change people’s lives, the ACP for Paralympians will make a lasting difference to the promotion of diversity.


Providing and guiding people towards acquiring skills that improve their employability is a core competence of the Adecco Group. The range of our activities is vast and is dictated by local market situations and needs. We took our commitment to support skills development to a new level in 2010 with the launch of Win4Youth. This global initiative gave all employees the opportunity to run and raise funds that help give children and young people in challenging situations a future. A Group donation of USD 230,000 was distributed to six charitable foundations located in India, Chile, Haiti, Spain, France and the USA. All of the foundations have a focus on the integration of young people into the labour market.

29,255 colleagues in 58 countries responded to the Win4Youth challenge magnificently. Teams joined forces and organised runs or ran as a group in community runs, every time motivated to add to the kilometres and funds donated by the Group.

A major highlight of the project took place on November 7, when 64 employees from all continents participated in the New York City Marathon. And in October, an entire Adecco region organised a Win4Youth Solidarity day during which around 2,700 employees ran a total of over 13,000 kilometres. The countries which took part included France, Switzerland, India, Dubai, Morocco and Tunisia, among many others.

Win4Youth was the first experience of this kind for Adecco – it provided an opportunity to bring vital aspects of our four core values to life: showing team spirit, the willingness to take responsibility by promoting fairness, diversity and equality and by having the passion to take the initiative and make a positive difference in the lives of people in need.