Brand management

We focus on building brand value with a multi-branding approach, nurturing a healthy range of powerful brands that secure a strong presence and positioning in the local markets and segments where we operate.

Our brand promise

Since Adia and Ecco merged in 1996, the Adecco Group has become the world’s leading HR services provider, connecting people to work opportunities wherever they arise. People are at the heart of everything we do.

Brand strategy

Adecco is our principal brand worldwide. It is supported by a number of well-known and prestigious segment and local brands, especially in Professional Staffing, many of which were obtained through acquisitions. These represent a broad asset base, with significant brand equity, and ensure the Group’s presence and positioning in diverse markets and specialty segments.

Brand architecture

The Adecco Group’s vision is to create value for our candidates, associates, clients and colleagues beyond brands and country borders. The major part of our revenues derives from the General Staffing segment with the Adecco Office and Industrial brands. In Professional Staffing our brand architecture relies on strong sector lead brands, for example Modis, euro engineering or Badenoch & Clark. Adecco Group has a number of specialty brands which enable us to penetrate and build recognition in niche markets locally. Our global business brands consist of LHH, Beeline and Adecco Solutions.

Our brand management

The Adecco Group brand portfolio is managed at Group Headquarters in Switzerland in close collaboration with the country teams and global brand owners. The corporate team is responsible for building brand value and securing the continuity of our brand assets by ensuring protection and consistent use of all registered trademarks.

The impact of our brand strategy

We are conscious of the important role our industry plays in people’s lives and in the global economy. Our brand strategy focuses on making the Adecco Group brand portfolio accessible and a positive force for our various constituencies: our clients, candidates, associates and shareholders, and society at large. Our brand values translate the sense of responsibility felt by each of our employees in this regard.